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Lamb's Quarter-Spring Greens
From Cheryl

 I'd heard the elders talk of cooking this as it's one of the first wild greens of spring. I finally cooked up a "mess" myself & fell in love! Milder than even spinich, it shares the characteristic of all other greens, pick a bushel of it to get a small batch. But SO worth it..


Lamb's Quarter-Spring Greens

Strip leaves from larger stalks, (do not use if "headed" or gone to seed) chop smaller plants. Wash very well to remove any dirt or grit which can cling to underside of leaves.

Chop small amount of bacon or salt pork (even better) & onion to taste. Cook until meat is almost brown & onions are clear. Add Lamb's Quarter with only the water that remains after washing. Stir down as leaves wilt, then let simmer until tender. Serve plain or some like cider vinegar, hot sauce,
etc. to enhance flavor.


Pick early in the day, discard any red or yellow leaves. If you cut the plants instead of pulling them up, they will grow many more leaves until the weather gets too hot. Don't get too greedy, leave enough plants to seed for next year & don't mow plants down until seeds have matured & fallen.


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